With Day Five (Friday, June 10th ’22), Apple WWDC ’22 comes to an end. Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of the last day.

Metal and Machine Learning: Apple showcases updates to TensorFlow training support, how developers can accelerate their PyTorch model training, and the latest features and operations of MPS Graph. They recommend that developers refresh their memory first with “Accelerate machine learning with Metal Performance Shaders Graph” from WWDC21.

Game Memory Optimization: Apple showcases how developers can use “Instruments” and the “Game Memory” template to profile games, as well as render a memory graph to monitor memory use for analyzing in the Xcode Memory Debugger. Developers can also use Metal Debugger to further optimize their software’s memory use.

Swift Package Plugins: Developers are able to write their own package plugins in Swift. They can use the Package Plugin API to generate source code and automate release tasks for a streamlined development workflow.

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ShazamKit and Custom Catalogs At Scale: Developers can now use ShazamKit to build custom catalogs and help support exact matching of any audio source within their apps (on-device!) The new ShazamKit CLI can easily generate audio signatures and build catalogs at scale. Apple recommends rewatching “Explore ShazamKit” and “Create custom audio experiences with ShazamKit” from last year’s WWDC.

SMS Message Filters: The brand new SMS message filter extensions can help users manage their Messages app by filtering SMS messages from unknown senders. The filter extensions intuitively categorize messages into folders & sub-folders based on content and other heuristics.

That’s it for Apple WWDC ’22. Stay tuned for more tech coverage, right here at 9to5Gamers.

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