Day Three (Wednesday, June 8th ’22) was another intense day of feature presentations. The first two spots in today’s Top Ten are again about Metal 3 and its advances for Apple silicon and GPUs.

MetalFX Upscaling: MetalFX is a brand new API that optimizes graphic effects depending on the platform. Apps & Software can use MetalFX Upscaling to render frames at a lower resolution without losing quality. Effects include spatial upscaling, which boosts performance, and temporal AA & upscaling, which significantly increases rendering quality.

GPU binary optimization with Metal 3: When generating GPU binaries at build time with offline compilation, Metal 3 can help reduce launch & new level load times as well as in-game stutter. The “Optimize for size” compiler option will significantly improve compile time and binary size for GPU heavy programs.

SwiftUI Custom Layouts:  With the help of Grid container, developers can create endlessly customizable, two-dimensional layouts. The Layout protocol allows for bespoke containers with their own custom behavior and developers can now create fluid animated transitions between different layout types.

MusicKit & Apple Music API: With the Apple Music API and MusicKit client frameworks, developers can integrate Apple Music features directly into their web services and Android Apps.

Background Assets: The Background Assets framework allows developers to add large downloads from their Content Delivery Networks directly into their apps and games, greatly improving the first launch experience. Developers can schedule background downloads during app installation, consequent updates, and when necessary during app use.

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San Francisco Font: Apple’s system font has received some upgrades. Apart from weights and sizes, the font now has the Condensed, Compressed, and Expanded width styles. San Francisco has also added further support for the Arabic system font families with SF Arabic and SF Arabic Rounded.

Private Access Tokens: An interesting development comes in the form of Private Access Tokens instead of CAPTCHAs to prove your humanness. PAT guarantee that HTTP requests are from legit devices without compromising a user’s identity or personal information.

Multiple User Support in tvOS Apps: Developers can now create individual user experiences within their tvOS apps. Users have access to personal profile data, game saves, and more as if they were using a separate device. With the new user-independent keychain, members of the same household can maintain their existing sign-on experience.

Wallet and Apple Pay: With the latest updates, developers can add Orders in Wallet to their apps and websites, as well as verify ID and age using the Identity Verification API.

Privacy: Apple reiterates once more, how important privacy is for them. They demonstrate how it is built into all of their products and showcase how developers can adopt technologies and habits to ensure user privacy in their own apps.

That’s it for Day Three of Apple WWDC ’22. Stay tuned for Thursday’s wrap-up, right here at 9to5Gamers.

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