Before the Apple WWDC ’22 Keynote started on Monday, June 6th, CEO; Tim Cook shared a tweet specifically applauding student developers:


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iOS 16 Highlights:

iOS can definitely be considered the most updated and feature-rich announcement during this year’s WWDC Keynote.


  • Multiple lock screens can be created with stunning new wallpapers, custom fonts, and colors.
  • Developers get access to “Live Activities API” to show real-time information on the lock screen such as sports scores, food deliveries, and even ride share ETAs.
  • “Focuses” allows for dedicated lock screens throughout the day for work, personal, DND, etc. Focus also filters information in Safari and other apps, to avoid distractions during certain periods of the day. Developers will have access to a Focus API.
  • Notifications roll up from the bottom to not fill the whole screen with too much information.

iCloud Shared Photo Library:

  • A separate cloud library allows up to six users to share their pictures in new and intuitive ways.
  • Pictures can be selected from an existing library to be shared.
  • The camera app now has a function where a picture taken will automatically upload.
  • Every user can add/remove and edit, with comments shared as well.


  • Messages can now be edited and “unsent”, as well as marked as unread.
  • The Messages App can now make use of FaceTime’s SharePlay API, to sync songs, movies, etc.

Live Text API and Visual Lookup:

  • Text can be easily lifted from both images and videos.
  • Users can convert currency, translate text, and much more.
  • Subjects of a picture can be lifted out of images and shared in messages, etc.

Wallet & ApplePay:

  • ID addition to Apple wallet, allowing one to verify their identity, age, etc. in a safe and secure way.
  • Digital home, office, and car keys can now be shared easily via Messages, Mail, etc.
  • Apple Pay Later allows users to pay for things spread out over four installments during a six-week period with no interest.
  • Apple Pay Order Tracker makes tracking your packages easier, right from within the wallet app.

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  • Carplay now deeply integrates with the car’s hardware.
  • Radio, music, and temperature controls are all available on the display.
  • Speed, fuel levels, etc. are all rendered on the CarPlay customizable instrument cluster.
  • Widgets including weather built-in.

macOS Highlights:

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The New macOS is called… Ventura!

The brand new macOS has some great advanced features, including:

Stage Manager:

  • Allows users to manage open windows in a whole new way, giving better oversight and multitasking possibilities.
  • Apps can be grouped together for easy convenience.


  • Now features Quicklook, image search, and text in image search.


  • An all-new automatic FaceTime hand-off feature allows users to switch calls easily amongst devices.
  • The “Continuity Camera” allows you to use your iPhone as a webcam for FaceTime, Zoom, etc.


  • Messages can be scheduled and canceled (within a short time frame).
  • Remind Later and Follow Up functions have been added.
  • Search has been completely redone, to make it more powerful and intuitive.


  • Introduces Tab groups that are shareable via Message, Mail.
  • Passkeys can now be used instead of passwords for secure login. They are encrypted access keys that use Touch/Face ID and can be added to Keychain.

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iPadOS 16 Highlights:

iPadOS is becoming more powerful and capable with every iteration, as it slowly makes its way to a full Mac replacement.


  • A new feature in Messages lets users collaborate on a single document (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, etc.), instead of sending everyone a copy. All invited parties can edit in real-time.
  • “Collaboration” has a brand new API for developers.


  • A brand new app that allows for brainstorming and collaboration on a multi-interactive board.

Weather App:

  • Takes full advantage of the iPad’s large, gorgeous display.
  • “Weather Kit” is now available for developers.

Desktop Class Apps:

  • Redefining the iPad as a Mac replacement requires iPad software to be as powerful as its counterparts.
  • Desktop Class Apps APIs will be available to developers.

Reference Mode, Display Zoom, and Virtual Memory Swap: 

  • iPad can be used in combination with other devices and match their colors through Reference Mode.
  • Display Zoom allows users to increase pixel density to see more on their display, especially when using Split View
  • The iPad can share virtual memory of up to 16 GBs to tackle the most demanding of apps.

External Display Support:

  • Stage Manager allows for External Displays rendering at a whopping 6K!

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watchOS 9 Highlights:

Watch Faces:

  • “Lunar”, shows the gregorian next to the lunar calendar used in China, Islam, etc.
  • “Playtime”; is a true dynamic piece of art.
  • Metropolitan, where the face contorts as the crown is dialed.
  • Astronomy is a remastered classic with updated star and cloud info.

Workout App:

  • New running metrics include vertical oscillation, stride length, and ground contact time.
  • A “heartrate zone” function has now been added.
  • Users can make custom workout schemes.
  • The MultiSport function automatically switches between running, cycling, and swimming tracking.
  • The fitness app is now available to all iPhone users as well.

Sleep App:

  • Now gives new insights into our sleep with sleep stages; Awake, REM, Core, and Deep.

Heart App:

  • Now also tracks “Afib history” for those with preexisting heart conditions.

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Other Features:

Apple Maps:

  • Multistop routing.
  • Transit Updates with cards being added to Wallet.


  • Seamlessly go from typing to voice
  • Includes auto punctuation and emoticons dictation.

Family Sharing:

  • Parents can easily set up a child’s device with parental control suggestions across shared libraries.
  • More screentime can be approved directly in messages.


  • The home app has been redesigned to give more intuitive information and controls for smart home accessories like cameras, lights, etc.
  • The “Matter” connectivity standard allows other brands to integrate their products into the Apple ecosystem.

Health App:

  • “Medications” allows users to keep track of prescription drugs, food supplements, etc., and warns them of potential drug-drug interactions.
  • Users can now also share their health data with family, friends, or caretakers.

Apple News:

  • A “My Sports” section has been added, giving personalized sports news and score updates organized by individual teams.


  • Safety Check app allows users to quickly review and revoke a partner’s digital privileges, including location information in cases of domestic abuse, etc.

Game Center:

  • A new Activity tab has been introduced to track and share achievements with friends.

Personalized Spatial Audio:

  • The TrueDepth camera on iPhone makes an immersive audio experience for EarPods.

M2 MacBook Air & Mac Book Pro:

Two new MacBooks were announced; the redesigned 13.6-inch MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro. For more information, check out the latest news here.

MacBook Air main features:

  • Apple’s latest M2 Silicon Chip
  • Liquid Retina Display capable of rendering 1 billion colors.
  • 1080p webcam.
  • 18 hours of video playback on battery.

MacBook Pro main features:

  • Apple’s latest M2 Silicon Chip & 10-core GPU.
  • Retina Display.
  • 1080p webcam.
  • 20 hours of video playback on battery

Platforms State Of The Union:

Xcode Cloud:

  • Subscription Plans are available based on Developer needs.
  • Allows Groups of all sizes to build, test, and deliver apps all in the cloud.
  • Testing can be done on a virtual version of every Apple product available, as well as sent for beta testing via TestFlight.

Xcode 14 Updates:

  • Project builds are up to 25% faster thanks to improvements in parallelism.
  • Xcode is a smaller download.
  • There is now a single SwiftUI across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS.
  • SwiftUI creates live previews, so changes are live in real-time. Preview variants with alternate colors, text, and device ratios are rendered without additional code.
  • The New App Icon feature allows for a single-size icon that is adapted across platforms.

Metal 3:

  • Metal Effects Upscaling allows for quick resolution scaling and temporal anti-aliasing.
  • Developers can now use Fast Resource Loading API which creates a highway between memory and the Graphics Processing Unit, resulting in lightning vast graphics.

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Swift & SwiftUI:

  • Regular expression literal support is now built directly into the programming language.
  • With Package Plugins, developers can run custom commands on their projects and even share them.
  • SwiftUI now features an enhanced navigation API, making it easier for developers to manage how their app moves from view to view. 
  • With Custom Layouts developers can create custom versions of standard app layouts to match their app designs.
  • Swift Charts can now be customized to better visualize their app data.

Weather Kit:

  • Allows developers to bring the power of Apple Weather directly into their apps.
  • WeatherKit is available through native Swift and REST APIs.
  • 500,000 API calls per month are included with the Apple Developer Program membership

SKAdNetwork API:

  • Improved measurement of how ads perform in apps or on the web, maintaining user privacy.
  • With hierarchical source IDs, developers can better optimize their ad campaigns without increasing the risk of user cross-app tracking.

Other New APIs:

  • WidgetKit API allows for Live Activities.
  • Map Kit & Apple Maps Server APIs.
  • CallKit API supports VoIP.
  • LiDAR Scanner on iPhone and iPad can create a 3D floor plan for a room using ARKit.

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