EVO is finally back with its first full-scale, in-person event since 2019 and in this article, we break down the EVO 2022 schedule as well as where it’ll all be streamed so you don’t miss any of the excitement!

When Is EVO 2022?

The Evolution Championship Series, or simply EVO, has been the biggest tournament in the world for the FGC for decades. The event has hosted a wide range of fighting games and every year, EVO provides exciting matches that even non-fighting game players get hyped over. As you can guess, EVO was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, EVO turned to online events and these weren’t bad but clearly did not have the same impact as the in-person events did.

Fortunately, the long wait is over, and in just a couple of days, we’ll see EVO’s first full-scale tournament since EVO 2019. If you’re excited for EVO but aren’t in the loop, then don’t worry. We got your back here at 9to5Gamers with this handy article breaking down EVO 2022’s schedule and everything else you need to know!

This year it’s going to be a 3-day event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from August 5th until 7th.

What Games Are On?

As usual for EVO, the tournament features a main lineup of 9 titles. These include SFV, Guilty Gear Strive, MK11, Tekken 7, KOF15, Melty Blood, DBFZ, GBFV, and Skullgirls. Along with those 9 main titles, EVO has partnered with 956 Productions to host the Vortex Gallery. The Vortex Gallery will run side tournaments for a crazy amount of 52 different fighting games. On top of that Multiversus came as a late addition to the event with a $100,000 prize pool!

EVO 2022 Lineup.

EVO 2022’s Schedule:

With so many games at EVO, it’ll be easy to miss some of the matches you’re most excited about. Thankfully EVO will have 8 dedicated streams for the first 2 days. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s going to be on which stream for each day

*All times are in PST, to see what the time is in your timezone, you can use this handy link.

Day 1:

EVO: 10 AM-7 PM – Panels, Interviews, Exhibitions, and more / 7 PM-10 PM – Skullgirls Top 8

EVO2: 11 AM-10 PM – Guilty Gear Strive 

EVO3: 10 AM-5 PM – Granblue Fantasy: Versus / 6PM-10PM – Tekken 7

EVO4: 10 AM-7 PM – Mortal Kombat 11

EVO5: 11 AM-10 PM – Street Fighter V

EVO6: 11 AM-6 PM – Melty Blood: Type Lumina / 6 PM-10 PM – Dragon Ball FighterZ

EVO7: 10 AM-5 PM – Skullgirls (Switches to EVO for Top 8) / 6 PM-10 PM – King of Fighters XV

TeamSp00Ky: 10 AM-10 PM – Vortex Gallery Side Tournaments

Playstation: 12 PM-8 PM – EVO Lounge Show

Day 2:

EVO: 10 AM – Mortal Kombat 11 Top 8 / 2 PM – Melty Blood Top 8 / 5 PM – Granblue Top 8 / 8 PM – DBFZ Top 8

EVO2: 10 AM-11 PM – Guilty Gear Strive

EVO3: 10 AM-10 PM – Tekken 7

EVO4: 10 AM-2 PM: Granblue (Switches to EVO for Top 8) / 3 PM-8 PM – Multiversus 

EVO5: 10 AM-10 PM – Street Fighter V

EVO6: 10 AM-7 PM – Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switches to EVO for Top 8)

EVO7: 10 AM-10 PM – King of Fighters XV

TeamSp00Ky: 10 AM-10 PM – Vortex Gallery Side Tournaments

Playstation: 11 PM-7 PM – EVO Lounge Show

Day 3:

The last day’s stream will be on the main EVO channel starting at 10 AM. It will feature the Top 8s for KOFXV, Tekken 7, SFV, and Guilty Gear Strive in that order.


If you’re a fighting game fan, then you’re surely in for a jam-packed weekend of hype whether you’re going to compete or staying at home watching on Twitch. Are you excited about EVO? If so, what games are you most excited to watch and what announcements do you think we might get?

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