Fortnite recently started its latest season with the title “Paradise”. After dealing with the effects of the Reality Tree in the previous season, players will now face a new in-game force, called Chrome. This all-consuming substance has taken over parts of the map and has built itself a stronghold known as Herald’s Sanctum, near the abandoned sanctuary.

As with every change of season, Fortnite comes with a brand new Battle Pass featuring a wide range of cosmetic rewards. The Premium Battle Pass still costs 950 V Bucks ($7.99) and its “Page Ten” reward will introduce a Marvel favorite for the first time (more details to follow).

Let’s take a look at what else this season has in store for players.

Fortnite Chrome-ified

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To Chrome?

This latest addition to Fortnite’s game mechanics has the following features:

  • Phasing: By using a chrome splash on walls, players can simply walk through them. Whether it be for a shortcut or taking the enemy by surprise, players will have to rethink their playstyle with this kind of power.
  • Chrome-ify Yourself: If you decide to splash yourself instead of the walls, you’ll grant yourself temporary Chrome powers. These include immunity from fire and the ability to turn into a blob whilst sprinting. Blobs move quickly, don’t take fall damage, and can airdash, as well as phase through buildings, chrome-ifying them in the process.
  • Chrome Weapons: Chrome also tainted weapons, creating the “Evochrome Shotgun & Burst Rifle”. These weapons can only be found in chrome chests and automatically upgrade from uncommon rarity to mythic the more you use them!

© Epic Games

Or Not To Chrome?

For those unwilling to embrace Chrome, the map has new opportunities:

  • Up Above: Some areas of the map have fled to the sky. What used to be Condo Canyons has now become Cloudy Canyons featuring an “Attack From Above” game mechanic.
  • D Launcher: With the help of this new weapon found across the map, players can launch themselves into the sky in the hopes of reaching those high-up places.
  • Keys: Used to open special vaults, keys can now be found on the island. Some vaults only need one key but rarer ones require two. Once players find one of these specialty items, keyhole symbols on the map will guide them to the right place to unlock their new arsenal.

© Epic Games

Battle Pass Premium:

This season features a number of exciting skins with Gwen Stacy aka Spider Gwen making her Fortnite debut as the Page Ten unlock. Spider Gwen, a Marvel fan favorite was one of the highlights of Into The Spiderverse; the critically acclaimed story of alternate Spiderman Miles Morales.

The Premium Battle Pass also features (from left to right in the image above):

  • Paradigm (Reality 659) – This character is voiced in-game by Captain Marvel‘s Brie Larsson.
  • Bytes
  • Meow Skulls
  • Lennox Rose
  • Grriz
  • Twyn
  • The Herald (This skin will unlock later on in the season)

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