Hoyoverse has finally revealed Genshin Impact Version 2.7 after a very lengthy delay.

In a livestream, the company showcased new characters, new events and new story content coming to the game in a few short weeks, so let’s have a look at what they announced.

Primogem Codes

First off, let’s round up the codes given away during the stream. These award 100 Primogems each and can redeemed for a total of 300.


New Characters and Event Wishes for Genshin Impact Version 2.7

The first new character making their way to Genshin Impact in Version 2.7 is the 5* Bow user, Yelan.

Yelan: ‘Valley Orchid’

Official Genshin Impact Twitter Account

Yelan is a character from Liyue who wields a Bow and a Hydro Vision, the second character to have the combination after Tartaglia. In the livestream, they described her as a secretive women who works directly under Ningguang and someone who wears many different masks. She gives off this vibe of being someone who sneaks around, attacking from the shadows like an assassin, something paralleled in her gameplay.

‘A mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs, but is a ‘non-entity on the Ministry of Civil Affairs’ list.’

Yelan ‘Valley Orchid’ Character Description.

In battle, Yelan has several distinct skills which set her apart from other characters – and especially from Tartaglia, the person she shares her weapon and Vision with. She is supposed to be used as a high damage DPS character who appears, deals a lot of damage and causes a lot of reactions, before being switched out for a main carry or DPS to clean up. In this way, she plays as much of a role off the field as on it.

Her normal attack has the skill ‘Stealthy Bowshot’, which decreases the charge time of her first charged shot and increases its power the first time she reappears on the field after being switched out. This is called her ‘Breakthrough State’.

The name of her Elemental Skill is called ‘Lingering Lifeline’ and it turns Yelan invisible. While in this state, Yelan leaves behind a spiderlike thread behind her as she runs, which can wound around enemies like a wire. As she does this, the enemies will be encased in the the thread, taking damage and applying Hydro onto them, until the skill ends and explodes dealing damage to any enemy trapped in the thread.

Yelan’s Elemental Burst is called ‘Depth-Clarion Dice’. When activated, it summons spectral dice that deal AOE Hydro damage on cast and aid her in battle. These dice will attack alongside the player whenever they do a normal attack, or whenever Yelan’s Lifeline explodes after tagging an enemy.

Yelan’s passives also include the interesting ability of additional HP depending on how many different Elements are present in the party, which is very good considering needs HP as one of her main stats for her skills.

Overall, Yelan is a very impressive addition to the roster, capable of big damage with a really fun ‘duck-and-dodge’ playstyle that is unlike a lot of the other characters in the game.

Kuki Shinobu: ‘Mender of Tribulations’

Official Genshin Impact Twitter Account

Kuki Shinobu is the next new character making their way to Version 2.7 as a 4* Electro Sword user.

Shinobu hails from Inazuma and is a part of the Arataki Gang, whose leader is the incredible and illustrious Arataki Itto himself. She is described as basically the only level headed person amongst the entire gang, and it is even said that she has travelled the world. Shinobu is the first 4* Electro sword, and is the Electro elements first dedicated healer/support.

‘The capable and reliable deputy leader of the ‘Arataki Gang’ – Please note: capable and reliable are not appellations for the ‘Arataki Gang’ but for their deputy leader specific.’

Kuki Shinobu ‘Mender of Tribulations’ Character Description

Wielding a sword, Shinobu’s main role in combat is that of a support. Using her Elemental Skill, ‘Sanctifying Ring’, Shinobu creates a ring of Electro around the player by sacrificing a chunk of her own HP. This ring protects the user, dealing Electro damage to surrounding opponents as well as healing whoever is stood within it. One of her passives increases her healing and damage capabilities at lower health thresholds, much like Hu Tao in the game currently.

Her Elemental Burst is ‘Gyoei Narukami Kariyama Rite’ and it extends a large field of continuous Electro damage out in front of her. This will be perfect for both causing Elemental reactions as well as dishing out big damage.

As a 4* some may pass over Shinobu in favour of Yelan, but as Electro’s first dedicated healer and considering how cool she looks, Shinobu is definitely a character to look for.

Event Wishes In Genshin Impact Version 2.7

Official Genshin Impact Version 2.7 Livestream. Hoyoverse

The first set of Event Wishes in Version 2.7 will be for new 5* Yelan alongside returning fan favourite, Xiao. Both will run at the same time, alongside a new weapon Wish for a brand new 5* Bow that will likely work alongside Yelan’s kit.

The second half of the version will feature Arataki Itto as the primary 5*, with brand new 4* Kuku Shinobu available on his banner as a rate up character.

New Story Content

Version 2.7 appears to be one of the last patches before the next big update which will introduce the nation of Sumeru, and as a result we are getting a new Archon Quest.

This one will be Archon Quest: Interlude and will involving embarking down to the depths of The Chasm alongside Yelan, Yanfei, Shinobu and surprisingly, Itto. Very little is known about the story at the moment aside from the fact that the group will be trapped in the Chasm and that they will run into the wandering Yaksha, Xiao, as he explores the area for his own needs.

Lumine (or Aether is you play as a female main character) will make some sort of appearance (but whether they are actually here is yet to be seen) and some mysterious dark figure claims to want to kill us alongside themselves.

The livestream spoke about Xiao is obsessed with this place and after the revelation of how the Yaksha are connected to the Chasm, I personally hope that we see an exploration into these demon hunters – we do know that one of the Yaksha simply disappeared as opposed to being killed, so perhaps they are this new adversary that the player and Xiao are hunting.

Whatever the case, the story quests in Genshin Impact have only been increasing in quality so I’m excited to see how this Archon Quest closes out this chapter of the Traveller’s story.

New Events in Genshin Impact Version 2.7

There are four new main events coming in Version 2.7.

The first is tied to the new Archon Quest and is called ‘Perilous Trails’. There will be several different Domains with continuously spawning enemies that need to be defeated for 3 separate rounds, in a horde-mode like setting – however at the end of each round the party must be shuffled around in various ways, such as certain characters being removed from the roster or other requirements must be equipped mid-battle. Each Domain will offer a variety of Trial characters for the player to use if they do not have enough levelled to complete the challenge, and a similar feature of team wide buffs called Stratagems will appear as a way to boost your entire team.

Rewards include the usual stash of Primogems, a talent material crown and enhancement itmes. The main prize this time is a 4* Bow called ‘Fading Twilight’ that will probably be able to be levelled to max ascension using items gained from the event so even if you don’t pull on the Weapon Wish, your shiny new Yelan will still have a new weapon to use.

The second new event is called ‘A Muddy Bizarre Adventure’. Players will have to deal with constant oozing dark mud and enemies who have been empowered by this mud. The player will have to escort and protect a ‘Spike’ which will charge and clear the area of this dark mud and corruption, with further upgrades including bonuses to the Traveller. Objectives may change throughout the event, such as killing enemies in as short a time as possible or achieving a high score. Overall, it seems like one of the many mindless beat-up events that Genshin Impact is known for, where you get to try out your teams to their fullest potential.

Another rhythm game is making its way in 2.7, The Almighty Aratki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival. Instead of the more delicate instruments seen in the past (a lyre and a flute) this event will feature a drum with unique features and attributes. There are other smaller QOL changes to the rhythm system, such as a lag window.

The final event mentioned is ‘Core of the Apparatus’: you create a robot. After going through 3 different event features collecting various elements, a different model of robot will be produced that have 3 different animation features set. Players can acquire up to 4 of these robots and place them in their Serenitea Pot. There will also be a special version of these robots which has access to all 3 animation types.

Quality of Life Changes

The best quality of life change coming is the inclusion of talent and artifact recommendations.

When a player goes to level up a character’s talents, they can now open a window to see which order most players level them up in – it showcases the highest priority of talent to upgrade based on real world data from players. Alongside that, the artifact recommendation showcases which main and sub stats are used for which pieces on a specific character, which will help a lot with trying out new builds and ideas for characters.

The other new feature is a set of tips on Domains that will give players advice and tips on how to defeat the enemies within.

Genshin Impact Version 2.7 launches May 31st and will last for 6 weeks. A brief look at the current suite of events and additions that came in Version 2.6 can be found on their official website.

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