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Are you passionate about gaming, nerd culture, or professional wrestling? If you’re an aspiring writer and want to share your passion for any (or all) of those things, 9to5Gamers might be a great home for you!

We started 9to5Gamers with a simple goal in mind: to create a community where gaming and nerd culture come together and are celebrated.

We believe that journalism has a large role to play in that community. It is our job to start the conversation that fuels passion around those things.

As a writer or content creator for 9to5Gamers, you will get to play an integral role in the formation of this community. You will be able to help shape what it is about. In addition, you’ll gain a lot of quality experience in a field that demands it. Writers for us have gone on to careers with Game Informer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and WhatCulture, among others.

The free games for reviews you write aren’t bad, either. Our entry-level positions are currently unpaid, but we will be rolling out compensated Senior Writer positions later in the year that existing staff writers can apply for and promote into. As we grow, it is a great time to get in now!

9to5Gamers is currently seeking entry-level staff writers and content creators (YouTube and Podcasters) for the following areas:

Video Game Industry – Opinions, lists, rankings, news.
Game Guides Writers –
A full walkthrough, or a short form “How To Do This in That Game”. Guides for Fortnite, COD, sports games, Halo, Elden Ring, and many more wanted.
Reviewers –
Gaming, books, comics, anime, wrestling, films.
Sports Video Games –
Guides, features, previews, weekly content updates, and more.
Role-Playing Games –
Guides, features, lists, content updates, previews.
Shooters –
Guides, features, lists, new content, previews.
Live Series Games –
Destiny, Rainbow Six, etc.
Star Wars –
Lists, reviews (books, comics TV, films), guides, features.
Marvel –
Lists, reviews (comics, TV, films), guides, features.
DC –
Lists, reviews (comics, TV, films), guides, features.
Lists, reviews, rankings, features, opinions.

If you’re interested in any combination of those things, we want to hear from you! Simply submit an application if you meet the following criteria:

  • Willing to learn and take feedback.
  • Effective communicator.
  • Able to contribute at least two pieces a week.
  • Passionate about the subject matter.
  • Committed to being a part of a team and growing a product.

If that’s you, contact us! When you do, give us a brief synopsis of what you feel you will bring to the team that will make your viewpoint unique. Finally, please reach out with any questions about the position. We are happy to help clear anything up!

Happy gaming!

Write 200-400 words on one of the following topics. Please use complete sentences, and include a title. Remember to capitalize and italicize all game titles. • What direction should the Halo franchise go in next? • Why is Fortnite still so popular today? • The Best Xbox Series X feature • Best game available on Game Pass right now and why
Provide three pitches for stories. The pitches should include a title, basic idea of the story you will be telling, and why our readers would be interested in reading it. Pitches should be 2-3 sentences at most.
Which console or feature provides the best value, and why?