Developer: Fox Fury Games Studio

Platform: PC (Windows)

Official Synopsis: Can you survive the deadly corridors of Labyrinth Encounters while trying to solve the mystery of who put you there and why? But beware, every move you make is being watched…

©Fox Fury Games Studio


Labyrinth Encounters is a free-to-play indie game set up like a horror short story. It is designed to be played in one sitting as there is no in-game save function. The entire narrative takes about thirty minutes to complete and it’s recommended to play in the dark with headphones.

I quickly realized why… Labyrinth Encounters managed to scare the s**t out of me!

The game can be downloaded directly from the game’s website but will need a .rar unzipper to extract.

©Fox Fury Games Studio

Visuals & Sound:

This game is beautifully rendered in the Unity engine and is very creepy, straight from the get-go. There are three elements used to create anxiety inside the claustrophobic maze.

First, the perfectly lighted (or should I say… perfectly dark), eery environment. Then there are the sudden flashback clips that give small clues to further the story. Last but most certainly not least, is the ambient sound that draws you into the game’s world and then violently steals your breath away at key moments.

©Fox Fury Games Studio


What the game does really well is make you feel lost, and trapped in what is a relatively small environment. There are many wrong turns to take and even at the dead ends, the creators have left creepy little trinkets to add to the atmosphere.

There are search-for-item puzzles, interaction puzzles, as well as a rather frustrating puzzle that resets upon death. In an age where many AAA titles have all the objectives marked on a flawless map and an arrow guiding us to the correct location, it was very refreshing to feel afraid of following the wrong path.

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Great Atmosphere Creation
The Feeling Of Being Lost
Superb Visuals & Audio!
Can’t Save Progress

Review Summary

Taking into account that this is Fox Fury Games Studio’s first title and completely FREE to play, it is definitely worth the half-hour commitment for any horror fan. The overall ambiance is reminiscent of classics such as Myst and Phantasmagoria, which is what makes this game so special. I look forward to playing future titles from these very creative developers.

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