Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest is right around the corner, so it’s time to see if we can make any predictions on what we’ll see!

With E3 being fully canceled for 2022, all eyes are on Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest (SGF), wondering if it can fill the hole in video game announcements we normally see this time of the year. In 2021, SGF was partnered with many third-party developers/publishers, such as 2K, Capcom, and Bandai Namco, along with Xbox and Playstation. So far we haven’t gotten a list of partners for 2022, but we do know that Xbox-Bethesda is hosting a conference that is considered a part of SGF, and Playstation recently announced a State of Play for June 2nd. Even without the list, we can probably expect a lot of the partners from last year to make a reappearance too, along with plenty of other developers and publishers that might be looking for a new event to showcase their games with E3 absent. With the number of possibilities of which companies we can see, it means there’s plenty of room for making exciting predictions to get that pre-game hype going!

Elden Ring DLC:

Last year Keighly shocked everyone by finally giving us all our first look at the long-awaited Elden Ring’s gameplay, along with its release date (which was changed but only by a month). Since then FormSoftware Inc.’s latest game has launched with enormous success, earning praise from critics and fans, along with selling crazy numbers. With the massive wave, Elden Ring made in the gaming scene, there’s no doubt that FormSoft will want to capitalize on its success by releasing some DLC expansions. And what better place to announce them, than at the same event that gave us our initial look at the game!

Street Fighter 6 – Gameplay Reveal

Back in February, Capcom announced the next installment of their flagship fighting game series, Street Fighter 6, with a teaser showing off Ryu’s new wide look, and a promise to see more in summer. Well, Summer is here, and there are only two major events I’m aware of that would make sense for them to give us our first real look at how Street Fighter 6 will play, SGF, and EVO. Considering EVO isn’t until August, I’m crossing my fingers for SGF. If we don’t get any Street Fighter 6 news, there are still plenty of already announced upcoming projects we could hear about like Pragmata and ExoPrimal. 

Sonic Frontiers – Gameplay Reveal and Release Date

Sonic hasn’t had the smoothest journey with its 3D titles with a history of more flops than successes. So with the announcement of his next adventure, Sonic Frontiers, being an open-world game, many have kept their excitement tempered. Back in December, we got glimpses at some of the environments which absolutely look gorgeous, but we’ve yet to see actual gameplay to warrant any real excitement from me and others. Considering the game is scheduled for a late-2022 launch, SGF seems like the perfect time to try and impress fans while giving us an actual release date. 

Callisto Protocol – First look

While the much-awaited remake of the first Dead Space is likely to make an appearance at SGF and generate a lot of hype, The Callisto Protocol has a big chance of being there as well and possibly overshadow that excitement. Announced back at The Game Awards in 2020, The Callisto Protocol is a sci-fi horror game by the creators of the original Dead Space. Its original trailer left a good impression with a cinematic that demonstrated the type of spooky atmosphere we can expect and a look at one of the horrific monsters we’ll be more than likely get jump-scared by. We haven’t heard much since then, but recently the game was featured in a Game Informer edition and it is scheduled for a 2022 release date, so chances are good we’ll be seeing something for it at SGF. 

Starfield & Redfall – Gameplay

It’s been well over a year since Microsoft announced its acquisition of Bethesda, and although the next two big Bethesda titles, Starfield and Redfall, were delayed to 2023 they’re planned for the first half so it’s still a high chance to see either one at SGF. Of the two I feel Starfield is the most likely to make an appearance considering all the recent information the developers have been putting out there, seems like the team working is ready to show us something for it. 

Final Fantasy XVI and VII Remake Part 2 News

It’s the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy and the 25th for Final Fantasy VII, and Square has been teasing big news for this year. Getting some Final Fantasy XVI news almost feels like a given based on how far along the developers have suggested they are, but I think there is also a chance we can see VII Remake Part 2 as well. I’m not expecting a gameplay reveal or anything, but I could definitely see a teaser trailer with some hints to how far into the FFVII story we’ll see this part go. 

Sly Cooper Announcement

Okay, I’ll be completely honest, this last one is more of “I’m really, really, really hoping for this” rather than a prediction. Pokemon and Sly Cooper are the two-game series that I really attribute to what started me on the path to being the huge nerd I am today. The Sly series holds a special place in my heart, so a few months back when leaks started to come out about a new Sly (and Infamous) game being in the works, I got excited. According to recent rumors, the announcement for both games will be coming later this year, but I’m going to keep my fingers crossed at the tiny smidge of a chance we at least get a tease at Sony’s State of Play on June 2nd. 

That’s all for my predictions for Summer Game Fest. I feel pretty confident in most of them, but what do you think? Let us know if you agree with any of the predictions listed, or if you think I’m way off. Also, feel free to share your own predictions down below as well! 

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