This years Summer Game Fest had plenty of updates, surprises and also some glaring omissions. Let’s dive in.

The Last of Us: Remake and New Standalone Title

To start with a bang, the internet was been rife with buzz regarding the unexpected (at least to some) announcement of a full remake of the original title for both PS5 and also shockingly, PC! Given that the title was already remastered for PS4 this was fairly surprising, yet when watching the comparison footage side-by-side it becomes abundantly clear that this is a huge step up, being graphically on par with its sequel, the Last of Us Part II. Asides from some minor updates on the HBO show’s production, they announced a SECOND new title comprising of multiplayer only, and given the fond memories that players have of the mode in the original title (conspicuously absent from its sequel) this reveal will go down a treat for long time fans.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course DLC

How has it been almost FIVE YEARS since the release of the stylish and notoriously difficult side scrolling shooter Cuphead? The title received rave reviews upon release, and was viewed by many as a real painstaking labour of love for the industry in an era of half-baked titles and microtransactions running rampant. Fans have been clamouring for DLC for almost half a decade following its announcement four years ago, and the new footage did well to demonstrate the powers of new character Ms. Chalice as well as introducing more vertical elements into the gameplay. The DLC arrives on June 30th.

Marvel Madness

A lot of gaming news from the monolithic Marvel over the past few days, not content with merely ruling the realms of both film and television with an iron fist but needing a slice of the gaming pie also. Following the disastrous Avengers launch and the lukewarmly received Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel will be looking to generate stronger credibility with their newest offering, titled Marvel Midnight Suns, a strategy title hot off the press from the same team behind the recent XCOM titles. Although the trailer comprised of a CGI scene as opposed to actual in-game footage, fans are abuzz with the news that Spider-Man will be returning to Xbox with the release of the title on October 7th. In other Marvel News, the highly-praised Insomniac Playstation Titles Spider-Man: Remastered & Spider-Man:Miles Morales have been announced as porting to PC in the Fall of this year, bringing the highly enjoyable web-slinging action to mouse and keyboard for the first time, and coupled with the Last Of Us PC announcement it would seem that Sony is intent on making a strong case for porting their biggest titles to the platform. Bloodborne on PC when?

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Not to be confused with the global phenomenon, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from 2009. Naming conventions aside, the highly anticipated title showed off a single player segment of the game which demonstrated particularly impressive graphical enhancements and lighting yet the gameplay looked as CoD as ever. Following the massive success of 2019’s Modern Warfare title, as well as the less well received Black Ops and Vanguard games which preceded it, the hype train seems to be barrelling full speed ahead. Coupled with the announcement of the franchises title releasing on Steam for the first time in five years as well as a new Warzone 2.0 mode resetting the hugely popular free-to-play multiplayer component after the complications of integretting the past two titles, CoD seems ready to make a huge splash once again this October. Will this be the final annual Cod release? Only time shall tell.


As well as the usual blockbusters, there were a smattering of other announcements over the Summer Games Fest. Goat Simulator 3 was announced, despite Goat Simulator 2 never having existed, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge, a side-scrolling, retro-styled beat-em-up from the team behind the recent Streets of Rage 4, and as a bonus it is launching on Xbox Game Pass as a Day One release on June the 16th. One Piece Odyssey showcased a dazzling reveal with eye-watering visuals and turn-based combat, appearing so impressive anime and non-anime fans alike can revel in all of its open world goodness.

Following the failure of Alien: Colonial Marines and the well-received stealth/horror title Alien: Isolation, the franchise looks to go two for three with the announcement of Aliens: Dark Descent, slated for a 2023 release, complete with claustrophobic environments and squad-shooter goodness aplenty. Finally, The Calisto Protocol helmed by Glen Schofield (co-creator of Dead Space) offered intrigue, fear and gore aplenty. How will it fare however when going up against the Dead Space remake releasing only a month later in January of 2023?

Glaring Omissions

While gamers worldwide revelled in this deluge of new information, there were some titles that were conspicuously absent. Where was the Goldeneye remake which has been leaking left and right online? Why was there no information whatsoever on the highly anticipated Hollow Knight: Silksong sequel? Why, after such a high profile delay, was Bethesda’s Starfield nowhere to be seen? Perhaps more information will come to light with Microsoft and Bethesda’s showcase this very weekend.

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