Developer: Miju Games

Platform: PC (Windows)

Official SynopsisThe Planet Crafter is a space survival open world terraforming crafting game. Transform the ecosystem of a hostile planet to make it livable for humans. Survive, collect, build your base then create oxygen, heat, and pressure to make a brand new biosphere.

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In The Planet Crafter, you play as a convict sentenced to a barren planet with a simple mission…

Terraform the planet! 

This sounds a lot more daunting than it is, considering that you possess a form of Star Trek “replicator” technology. This allows you to quickly create all the things you need first to survive the planet’s harsh environment and start your terraforming job. In the beginning, the game expects you to manipulate the heat, pressure, and oxygen needed for the later stages of the mission.

I also found it refreshing that the only killer in this game is the planet itself.

© Miju Games


Anyone who has played games like Subnautica and/or Rust will immediately recognize the look and feel of the UNITY engine used for The Planet Crafter

The engine is highly customizable and has robust terrain manipulation and modular building tools. The buildings, therefore, look sleek and futuristic, perfectly matching the game’s atmosphere. 

When building buildings, the surface doesn’t adapt, leaving some constructs hanging in the air. Fortunately, the game offers detail freaks like me a quick solution by replicating a metal frame under the floating modules for aesthetical purposes.

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The Planet Crafter works with three different unlock systems: 

  • As you start the terraforming process, main technologies are progressively unlocked in heat, pressure, and oxygen categories.
  • Secondary technologies are unlocked using blueprint microchips found scattered on the planet.
  • The higher the terraformation index, the more the terrain becomes accessible, and new resources are used. 

In all my hours of play, I never found myself in a position where I couldn’t progress, so the system is well thought out and intuitive. 

Addictive Gameplay
Intuitive Building Mechanics
Sleek Visuals
Very Addictive Gameplay
Several Visual Glitches
Time Consuming Unlocks

Review Summary

The Planet Crafter is one of those games that is hard to quit. I played for an average of six hours over three days, and I’m still far from completing my final objective. Its addictiveness clearly shows that the development team of only two people knows how to build an engaging game.

There are a number of visual and mechanical glitches throughout the fixed map but nothing that breaks or crashes the game. At the time of writing this title is still in Steam Early Access, so I’m sure the bugs will eventually be addressed.

The number of reviews on Steam fall in the “Overwhelmingly Positive” Category and I personally like open-world survival games. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed playing The Planet Crafter.

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