In Stray, a game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, you play as a stray cat wandering around a forgotten cyberpunk city. While trying to find a way out, you stumble upon an ancient mystery, which you now have to work towards solving!

So, that’s the basic idea behind this game. Honestly, while it sounds fun and relaxing, most people would probably skip over it in the Steam Store…

Surprise, it became the most wish-listed game on Steam! Overtaking The Day Before in the store!


More Details

With Stray just having been released, we still don’t know too much about the story! This makes sense, as the game’s main plot involves solving mysteries, so here’s what we DO know…

The Story of Stray

As said before you are a stray cat walking through a cyberpunk city trying to find a way home to your family! The story and mystery of Stray is something you can choose to pay attention to, or not! You are a cat after all so if you would like to, you can embrace not caring and just skip through, playing your relaxing cat walking simulator!

BlueTwelve has said that they will leave lore clues throughout for only the most attentive of players to notice and piece together the truth of this world!

The Androids

This city is inhabited by androids of varying shapes and sizes, with which you can choose to interact as the cat and create some very wholesome, cute moments. Many of the androids will be around the city and no doubt some of them you’ll have to interact with to keep the story moving forward!

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The androids are not the only interactions you’ll have though! A small drone named B-12 will also assist you on your adventure! B-12 will help with translating for the androids and possibly with any hints towards the puzzles in this game.

Oh yeah, there are also going to be a lot of cat-based puzzles!

The Enemies

Lastly, the third main interaction you’ll have is with some enemies, you are now a fighter cat. These currently unnamed enemies will swarm you whenever they get the chance, in both behavior and design they seem to resemble the headcrabs from Half-Life. Let’s just hope that they don’t also go on your head and turn you into a zombie.

Honestly, at the moment that’s really all we know, so if you want to know more, probably best to get the game yourself, and become a cat for a day!

Get Stray here.

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