If you are anything like us, WWE rumors are just as fun as the matches and storylines themselves. Fans everywhere love to talk about who is getting the next push, who is getting buried, or which surprise appearance might be next.

In this ongoing feature, we will detail all the latest WWE rumors circulating the internet. Feel free to yell at us about them in the comments. Enjoy!

Note to reader: It should go without saying, but these are all rumors. Absolutely, positively nothing that follows is guaranteed to be true in any way. In fact, everything you’re about to read could be hilariously false. Like the WWE itself, wrestling rumors are for entertainment and fun, and should not be taken overly seriously by anyone. Ever.

  • Roman Reigns’ new contract with WWE will have him working far fewer house shows, but he will not be going part-time the way of John Cena or Brock Lesnar. This is apparently what he was referring to in his promo on Smackdown.
  • There is a lot of heat on Sasha Banks and Naomi backstage, according to sources. There is a general feeling that their walking out was a severe overreaction.
  • There was talk of using the collapsing ring gimmick in the Bobby Lashley vs Omos cage match on Monday Night Raw, but it was ditched before Monday night.
  • Cody Rhodes’ Money in the Bank Promo is causing quite a bit of confusion among the writing team, as he indicated that the winner of the Money in the Bank match would go to Wrestlemania.
  • Harland was in line to be the fourth member of Judgement Day before he was fired by WWE, according to Ringside News.

What do you think about today’s WWE rumors? Which ones are you convinced will come true? Which are complete garbage that should have never been put to (virtual) paper? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out all of our WWE content here!

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