If you are anything like us, WWE rumors are just as fun as the matches and storylines themselves. Fans everywhere love to talk about who is getting the next push, who is getting buried, or which surprise appearance might be next.

In this ongoing feature, we will detail all the latest WWE rumors circulating the internet. Feel free to yell at us about them in the comments. Enjoy!

Note to reader: It should go without saying, but these are all rumors. Absolutely, positively nothing that follows is guaranteed to be true in any way. In fact, everything you’re about to read could be hilariously false. Like the WWE itself, wrestling rumors are for entertainment and fun, and should not be taken overly seriously by anyone. Ever.

  • The upcoming Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, Wales has not been the instant sellout WWE was maybe expecting. Dave Meltzer contends that high ticket prices are largely to blame for this.
  • Naomi’s former tag partner Ariane Andrew feels there might be more to the story of Sasha Banks and Naomi walking out of Monday Night Raw this week – at least on Naomi’s side. She told SE Scoops “My girl Naomi, she wouldn’t do this and I feel like she wouldn’t do this unless she had someone manipulating and telling her how to do this.”
  • Paul Heyman said this week that a potential dream match between Roman Reigns and The Rock is ultimately up to The Rock. “That’s up to The Rock. I mean, if The Rock wants to get his ass kicked in front of a hundred thousand people.” Obviously a work, but hey, it’s fun.
  • Sasha Banks’ husband and WWE costume designer Sarath Ton isn’t a big fan of a lot of the speculation being tossed around regarding what took place on Monday Night Raw. So much so that hew tweeted “The bullshit being spewed is next level.”
  • John Cena, 45, hinted that another return may happen soon for the 20th anniversary of his career in WWE beginning, saying “I’ve been gone for too long”.

What do you think about today’s WWE rumors? Which ones are you convinced will come true? Which are complete garbage that should have never been put to (virtual) paper? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out all of our WWE content here!

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