If you are anything like us, WWE rumors are just as fun as the matches and storylines themselves. Fans everywhere love to talk about who is getting the next push, who is getting buried, or which surprise appearance might be next.

In this ongoing feature, we will detail all the latest WWE rumors circulating the internet. Feel free to yell at us about them in the comments. Enjoy!

Note to reader: It should go without saying, but these are all rumors. Absolutely, positively nothing that follows is guaranteed to be true in any way. In fact, everything you’re about to read could be hilariously false. Like the WWE itself, wrestling rumors are for entertainment and fun, and should not be taken overly seriously by anyone. Ever.

  • Contrary to some reports, the brand split in WWE might not be ending after all. At least not officially. The plan is to have superstars cross between shows when storylines call for it.
  • Gable Steveson, who WWE is clearly setting up to be their next star, is reportedly contemplating a return to college for one more year before becoming full-time with WWE.
  • The WWE announcement that Money in the Bank was moving from Allegiant Stadium to MGM Grand Garden Arena was 100% due to slow ticket sales.
  • There is said to be some doubt among some people high up in WWE about Stephanie McMahon’s ability to carry out all of the duties in her role, according to Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian.
  • Sports Gamers Online reports that Cody Rhodes really wanted to be in WWE 2K22, but the development schedule was too far along to make it happen.

What do you think about today’s WWE rumors? Which ones are you convinced will come true? Which are complete garbage that should have never been put to (virtual) paper? Let us know in the comments. And be sure to check out all of our WWE content here!

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